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What is The Workin Momma?
It's your safe haven and solitude. The Workin Momma is a place where you can gain clarity and acquire allies that relate to everythIng you're experiencing with your children. Being able to connect with other parents can ultimately enhance confidence and aid with that guilt feeling you deal with from time to time as a parent. With everything in life, we generate expectations.. but the difference is that, with parenting, our expectations are  challenged on a daily. Over time we also accrue these thoughts of what a  "good parent" is suppose to look like, but the shock comes when it's nothing like we've expected.
The Workin Momma  blends our expectations and the reality. We are committed to creating a strong medium that will benefit both the parent and child collectively. Building a community is ideally the mission and greatly necessary. Let us be your village and we can come together to produce the most well-rounded children in society.

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The Halfway Mark

7 months postnatal and this has been one helluva ride filled with ups, downs, and around the towns. I've come to the conclusion that...

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