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Weakness is not an Option

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

When I started this blog, I was a mother of 1. Now, I am a mother of 2 amazing children. Yup, you heard correctly. My little family has expanded, during a pandemic. I am still in awe. Granted, my son has been here for a month, but I'm still attempting to wrap my head around it, especially during these crazy times. I am excited to share this journey with you, because I'm sure there are parents encountering similar emotions. It's always nice to know you are not alone.

When I found out the amazing yet surprising news, I was a bit nervous. Things in my life hasn't been predictable enough to embrace the comfort of bringing another child into this world. On top of that, we're in a pandemic and I started a new job after losing 2 jobs since covid graced us with its presence. Let's not even speak about the fact that Baby's R Us is no longer an option (my lifesaver during pregnancy number 1.) It was just coming at me at full speed and I had no choice except to adjust and jump on the ride.

My first trimester was what I expected with a little more intensity. I experienced morning/all day sickness and every smell made me extremely nauseous. This definitely put a stint in my daily activities including work, blogging, etc.and it was extremely frustrating, but I pulled through. My 2nd trimester wasn't easy either. This is when my mental and emotional stress went into overdrive. Being that this is my second child, I was fearing that I would not be able to love anyone as much as I do my daughter. Also, covid has been very taxing on my energy, motivation, etc. and I am not prepared to deal with the resentment that could possibly come later down the line because of the lack of pregnancy pictures and being soo unprepared. There were a plethora of issues and scenarios I created in my head during that time in the pregnancy; on top of dealing with everyday life(which doesn't stop for anyone or anything.) When I had a little over a month left in this journey, I changed my thought process and forced myself to embrace it. Reminding myself that there is a uniqueness in all journeys has been key. Trust me, this wasn't easy, and to be honest I'm still working on it. But with the progress I've made, it has allowed me to live in the moment and embrace every second.

Now, with new baby in tow, everyday is a new adventure; a different scenario. The start was a little rough, but nothing neither of us can't handle (I'll get into the details in a different post. It's a lot to unpack at this point.) I guess learning resilience was his 1st lesson and I'm not mad at it. He is being built Ford tough and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am touching on my story to remind my fellow mothers of the strength we encompass. We are expected to endure these changes while still maintaining a household, job, and whatever other tasks on our never-ending to-do lists. To top it off, we have to abruptly make these changes, as well as changes to our lifestyle and calendar in a millisecond. So, hats off to my workin mommas that are soo hard on themselves for not being able to handle it all in one shot. Let me remind you of this, "your greatest expectation is probably coming from you. Understand what you are currently faced with and applaud your ability to even get to where you are at right now. Salute!!

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