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Balancing your time

Updated: May 14, 2021

Being a parent can arguably be one of the most challenging feats you will ever encounter. Even before having children, most people understand that its life-changing and won't be easy for sure, but I guarantee that absolutely NOTHING could've prepared you for this task. Even at some point in your life. Creating, teaching, and holding responsibility for your own is different; Fulfilling this duty to the best of your ability includes creating a balanced lifestyle. This is definitely easier said than done. Trust me...I know. As structured as I try to be, the reality is that sometimes I am a tornado. I try to do everything in the 24hrs we are given per day; and that's nearly impossible. Especially as a new mom, I thought in order to be great, I had to come across as having it all handled by myself. Indeed I was wrong. Balancing a career and being a mom is hard enough but it definitely doesn't end there. There are other aspects needed in order to have what one would call "a fulfilling and productive life." This may include but not limited to a social life, relationships (romantic, friendships, & family,) exercising, "me time", and just trying to eat properly and drink plenty of water, to say the least. Plus, the pressure of keeping up with schoolwork and extracurricular activities for your child, because of course we want to raise the most well-rounded individual as possible.

But don't you fret. Many have come before you and successfully conquered this parenting thing, with some minor bumps and bruises along the way I'm sure. It's honestly all about what works best for YOU and YOUR family. Getting tips from different outlets and then creating your own balanced lifestyle is key. Keep in mind that this may change from time to time. Adjusting and re-adjusting is a major part of parenting. What may work today, may not work next week, or even tomorrow.

One of the best pieces of advice I've received is, "If you are unable to accomplish it today, then just wait until tomorrow." I know this sounds crazy, but in some instances this has really saved my sanity. If you are unable to wash those dishes tonight, then by all means, just save it for tomorrow. But keep in mind that this should be made a priority for the next day. All I'm saying is that everything is not as urgent as we make it seem. There are some tasks on the to-do list that can wait a day or 2.

Pre-planning is also vital to balancing time as well as alleviating a lot of parental related anxiety. If you think ahead about the tasks to come, then completion wouldn't seem so far fetched. It really starts with proper planning; especially having multiple children. When a person allows themselves the time to pre-plan, one must also understand that everything may not turn out as planned. This is just how parenting works. You are able to control your child to a certain extent. Most of the time, especially from young children, there are incidences beyond your control. But having a plan already in place will have you revamping rather than creating from scratch.

Overall, once you find your nitch, parenting will not be as challenging. You just have to take the time to figure it all out. It may seem strenuous at times because believe it or not, you are learning and growing simultaneously. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are all in this together. As long as you encompass love and trying your best, that's all your little one is asking for.

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