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Destruction Derby is a vehicular combat racing video game developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Psygnosis. Based on the sport of demolition derby, the game tasks the player with racing and destroying cars to score points. The developers implemented simulated physics to make the results of collisions easier to predict, and they kept the game's tracks small to increase the number of wrecks. Versions of Destruction Derby were released for MS-DOS, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. A Nintendo 64 version, Destruction Derby 64, was released in 1999 by Looking Glass Studios and THQ. Critics found Destruction Derby enjoyable and they praised its graphics and car damage system, but the Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn releases received mixed reviews. The game started the Destruction Derby franchise, beginning with its 1996 sequel, Destruction Derby 2.

Destruction Derby is a vehicular combat racing video game based on the sport of demolition derby.[2][3] The game contains three vehicles.[4] Collisions in the game affect the controls of each car, limiting their steering and maximum speed.[5][6] Frontal collisions risk damage to the car's radiator, which causes the car to overheat and stop running.[5] Four game modes are available: Destruction Derby, Wreckin' Racing, Stock Car Racing and Time Trial. In Destruction Derby, the player earns points by destroying other cars in a large, trackless arena called The Bowl;[3][5] in Stock Car Racing, the player must finish in first place, and no points are awarded for destroying cars. Wreckin' Racing is a hybrid of the two, in which the player earns points both by winning the race and by destroying other cars. Time Trial is a solo time attack mode.[3] The PlayStation version features system link play for two players,[7] while the MS-DOS version has an online multiplayer mode.[5]

Pile-on the destruction from behind the wheel or leap into the arena with a breathtaking reel of parkour action by dodging attacks, taking over vehicles or using abilities to disrupt the onslaught of incoming vehicles.

You probably feel like a crash test dummy when you're playing this game - it's not only a racing game, but you get points for wrecking your enemies! The amount of points you get depends on how you hit them ... e.g. you get more points for getting them do a 360 other than driving into their sides at high speed. The game has more to offer: a head to head mode with only two cars or the legendary destruction derby itself - a huge arena, every car starts at the edge of it, and then - have a nice crash!

The British development studio Reflections Interactive began had been working on Destruction Derby for the PlayStation starting around December 1994,[1][2] having been concepted by its co-founder Martin Edmondson and by Michael Troughton - both fans of the real-life demolition derby sport. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE)'s Psygnosis branch, which allowed Reflections to receive PlayStation development kits (SDKs) long before that console's release.[3] Edmondson demonstrated the game to SCE CEO Ken Kutaragi who flew over with a team of engineers. Kutaragi was "very enthusiastic", though commented that it was a shame that debris from the cars didn't stay on the track.[4] The game debuted at the May 1995 Electronic Entertainment Expo,[5] and its initial title was variously reported as Demolition Derby and Demolish 'em Derby. Writers for Edge and Next Generation commented that the game could "trounce" Ridge Racer upon the PlayStation's release.[1][5][6]

Destruction Derby is a driving game focusing on demolition derby. There are three main race styles: one that tailored for racing; one that is just wrecking in a derby bowl; and another that is a combination of the two.

Sometimes a gust of wind would blow the flags into the flagman's face. Flaying his arms in an attempt to get untangled, he goy drivers into a tight spot. Understandably, the drivers got angry at the damage to their vehicles that they could hardly resist the lure of destruction, so they deliberately turned it into a fun pastime. Bales of hay were used to mark the track. With these and a few rules for the starting line, drivers began to take their places. What happened to the flagmen They were allowed to use their flags to give the starting signal for the destruction track... without coming to any harm of course. That is how something as simple and innocent as waving a couple of flags brought about the birth of such an exciting, savage sport!

You don't need to know all this. You don't even have to know how to drive. Right now you own just about the most incredible, fascinating game in the world. So invite a couple of friends in, turn the sound up... and cause some destruction out there!

There is a peculiar satisfaction that often follows a chaotic display. No other sport captures that feeling better than demolition derby. The simple act of smashing two big hunks of metal against one another has delighted audiences around the world for years.

Updated December 10th, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Racing games are some of the most high-octane and adrenaline-pumping games available but adding demolition derby elements into the mix creates a true spectacle. For players that love demolition derby games, there are a handful of solid options out there to scratch the itch when it comes to car carnage. To shine a better light on this underappreciated genre and showcase some of the older demolition derby games out there that still hold up exceedingly well in the modern age, the following list has been updated with even more entries.

A modern derby for a modern audience, Wreckfest is the ultimate destruction derby for those interested in a more realistic approach to the concept. The level at which a player can change their game is staggering.

No sane person in real life would think that a derby performed with super-charged lawnmowers would be a good idea, but Wreckfest has got that possibility covered. The game does still include races, but few are prepared for the figure-8 track and the inevitable carnage it unleashes. It truly is the best of its kind.

The premise of Split/Second isn't exactly like a demolition derby but players can consider it akin to demolition racing but with a lot more action. Set within a world where players take place in a reality-TV-style race, gamers will have the option to trigger explosives, traps, and other dastardly things to trip up their opposition as they race through a wide array of levels.

BeamNG.Drive acts more like a sandbox to facilitate vehicular destruction than an actual driving or destruction derby game. That being said, the mods that are available for the game are more than enough to sate the appetite of any derby fan.

What gives BeamNG.Drive the edge over its contemporaries is its unmatched soft body destruction physics. The vehicles can sustain a level of damage that no other game dares to replicate. Because of this, it is often more entertaining to just throw a car into a grinder than to actually drive it.

Luckily for the player, this includes a demolition derby mode. This is complete with health, boosters, and points galore for vicious attacks. The only thing that keeps this game from greatness is a lack of content, but what is there is good enough to satisfy many derby fans. Those interested can also get games from the developer over GamePass.

An oldy but a goody. Test Drive is a series that every racing game fan knows but few people think about today. This iteration has many of the hallmarks of a great Test Drive game but now it has more emphasis on the destruction. Massive crashes are common and often devastating, perfect to scratch that chaotic itch.

One of the most modern takes on the genre, Destruction Allstars has a distinctive feel to it that is far zanier than other games like it. It adds a whole host of new ideas to make the old, tired demolition derby experience feel brand new.

For one, the player can now leave their vehicle and run around, avoiding enemies, mostly comprised of bots, as they scour the map for another vehicle to sequester before resuming their metal-infused rampage. Now engagements are less about preserving the player's car and more about dealing as much damage as possible because the absolute destruction of one's car is no longer the end it used to be.

While Crossout is not exactly a demolition derby game, it does more than enough to fill player's hearts with untold vehicular destruction. The game boasts the ability for players to construct their own mayhem-creating vehicles to conquer foes and face challenges. The level of creativity that the game allows is off the charts.

Wreckfest is jam-packed with upgrade and customization options. Whether you are preparing for your next demolition derby with reinforced bumpers, roll cages, side protectors and much more, or setting your car up for a banger race with engine performance parts like air filters, camshafts, fuel systems, etc., Wreckfest is shaping up to be the best combative motorsport game out there. 59ce067264

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