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Hey everyone, I've found myself in a bit of a bind and could use some advice. So, I recently snagged a new job, and part of the onboarding process involves a background check conducted by HireRight.

Here's the thing – the process is quite manual. I had to input all my employment details, and then they go ahead and verify it against, well, whatever they check it against. Now, on my resume, I've combined a couple of roles since I was juggling two jobs at the same time. I'm guessing HireRight will flag this as an overlap.

During the hiring process, I did mention to them that my resume is more tailored for this specific role, not a comprehensive CV with every nitty-gritty detail. So, technically, I'm not lying, right? But here's where the worry sets in.

Will HireRight share the results with my new employer? If they do, my overlapping roles might raise some eyebrows. Has anyone here dealt with HireRight before? Any experiences or insights you can share?

I've found some insights here

Anyway, has anyone else been in a similar spot? Your thoughts and advice would be a huge help. Thanks a bunch!


I'm guessing a lot goes on during these years but I have yet...


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