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Mount And Blade 16th Centuryl

Mount and Blade 16th Century mod

Mount and Blade 16th Century mod is a historical modification for the popular sandbox role-playing game Mount and Blade: Warband. The mod features 33 factions from the 16th century world, such as the Ottoman Empire, the Ming Dynasty, the Aztec Empire, and more. The mod also adds hundreds of new units, weapons, armors, items, and scenes to the game, as well as many new features and gameplay mechanics.

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Some of the main features of the 16th Century mod are:

  • A huge campaign map based on the world map with many changes for gameplay improvements. You can travel around the world and explore different regions and cultures.

  • A realistic and immersive historical setting with accurate historical data and events. You can participate in historical battles, sieges, quests, and diplomacy.

  • A diverse and rich selection of factions and units. Each faction has its own unique culture, troops, equipment, tactics, and advantages. You can recruit units from villages, towns, castles, or ports.

  • A dynamic and challenging combat system with new animations, abilities, formations, and tactics. You can crouch, summon your horse, break your lance, use firearms, or command your troops in battle.

  • A naval warfare system that allows you to sail across the seas, engage in naval battles, board enemy ships, or trade goods. You can also build your own fleet and customize your ships.

  • A smith system that allows you to craft your own weapons and armors from different materials and qualities. You can also upgrade your equipment or repair it.

  • A treasure hunting system that allows you to find hidden chests containing rare and valuable items. You can also discover secrets and mysteries of the world.

  • A morale system that affects your troops' performance and loyalty. You have to take care of your troops' needs, such as food, water, rest, terrain, weather, etc.

  • A customization system that allows you to change your character's appearance, outfit, skills, attributes, etc. You can also customize your companions' look and equipment.

  • A diplomacy system that allows you to interact with other factions, lords, ladies, kings, etc. You can make alliances, declare wars, negotiate peace treaties, exchange prisoners, etc.


You can download the latest version of the 16th Century mod from [Mod DB] or [Steam Workshop]. The mod requires Mount and Blade: Warband version 1.153 or higher to run. You can also download patches, music packs, or other addons from the same sources.


The 16th Century mod is developed by the Century War Team, a group of Chinese modders who are passionate about history and gaming. The original creator of the mod is Yifeng Konjac, who started the project in 2012. The mod has been updated and improved by other members of the team over the years. The current version of the mod is 1.8.3, which was released in December 2020.

The mod also uses resources from other mods or sources with permission or credit. Some of the notable ones are:

  • OSP Spak Items by Spak

  • OSP Polished Landscapes by Gutekfiutek

  • OSP Diplomacy by Waihti

  • OSP Freelancer by Taragoth

  • OSP Custom Commander by rubik

  • OSP Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment by Caba'drin

  • OSP Formations by motomataru

  • OSP Sea Battles by Arch3r

  • OSP Realistic Colors by Lucke189

  • OSP Blood Enhancement by D'Sparil

  • OSP Dynamic Troop Trees by Dunde

  • OSP More Metal Sound by Checkmaty

  • OSP Improved Male Faces by Iboltax

  • OSP Female Face Model and Textures by Broken One

  • OSP Lute Music Pack by TheLoneWolf

  • OSP Asian Music Pack by TheLoneWolf

  • OSP 16th Century Music Pack by TheLoneWolf

  • OSP 16th Century: Asian - Music Pack by TheLoneWolf

The mod also thanks the following people for their support, feedback, or contribution:

  • Izaackque Diaz

  • Rohzdear

  • Vendettas

  • Mateus Everson

  • Mount & Blade Brasil

  • Century War Team Forum

  • Mount & Blade China Forum

  • TaleWorlds Forum

  • Mod DB Community

  • Steam Community


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