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Allen Halloween - S.O.S Mundo (2023 Remastered) MP3 Download

S.O.S Mundo by Allen Halloween: A Review of the 2023 Remastered Version


If you are a fan of Portuguese hip-hop, you probably know who Allen Halloween is. He is one of the most influential and original rappers in the scene, known for his dark, gritty, and conscious lyrics that reflect his life experiences and his views on the world. He is also a talented producer, singer, and songwriter who has released four albums since 2006.

One of his most popular songs is S.O.S Mundo, which was released in 2006 as part of his debut album Projecto Mary Witch. The song is a powerful and provocative critique of the social, political, and environmental problems that plague the world, such as racism, poverty, war, terrorism, drugs, AIDS, and pollution. The song also showcases Allen Halloween's unique style of rap, which combines fast and aggressive flows with catchy and melodic hooks.

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In 2023, Allen Halloween decided to remaster and remix S.O.S Mundo, along with the rest of his first album, for a special vinyl edition. He collaborated with Maradox Primeiro, a renowned sound engineer and producer, to give the song a new and improved sound quality. He also made some minor changes to the vocals and the instrumentals to make them more consistent and coherent.

In this article, I will review the 2023 remastered version of S.O.S Mundo by Allen Halloween. I will compare it with the original version and analyze how it differs and how it improves. I will also give my personal opinion on whether it is worth listening to or not.

Main body

The original version of S.O.S Mundo

The lyrics and the message

The original version of S.O.S Mundo has a very strong and clear message: the world is in trouble and we need to do something about it. Allen Halloween uses various metaphors, references, and examples to illustrate the different aspects of the global crisis that he sees. He also uses a lot of repetition, rhyme, and alliteration to emphasize his points and make them memorable.

For instance, he repeats the phrase "Kapa é crime" (Kapa is crime) throughout the chorus, which is a reference to his rap crew Kapa Karma Krew (KKK). He uses this phrase to suggest that he and his crew are criminals in the eyes of society, but also to criticize the hypocrisy and corruption of those who are supposed to uphold justice and order. He also rhymes "Kapa é crime" with "cruz credo" (cross creed), "confusão" (confusion), "criam" (create), "carne crua" (raw meat), "cobra" (snake), "carga" (load), "condição" (condition), "comissão" (commission), "coito" (coitus), and "cabrão" (bastard). These words create a contrast between the religious symbolism of the cross and the harsh reality of violence, chaos, greed, lust, and betrayal that he describes.

Another example is when he says "Mundo infernal babilónia total / É a queda do sistema à escala mundial / Pânico geral, violência policial / Milhares de pessoas amontoadas em guettos / Brancos de terceira, ciganos e negros / O ódio racial é a nossa herança cultural / É o cancro social que alastra, espalha raízes nas mentes mais fracas" (Infernal world total Babylon / It is the fall of the system on a global scale / General panic, police violence / Thousands of people piled up in ghettos / Third-class whites, gypsies and blacks / Racial hatred is our cultural heritage / It is the social cancer that spreads, spreads roots in the weaker minds). These lines show how he views the world as a dystopian and oppressive place, where people are divided by race, class, and religion, and where violence and injustice are rampant. He also uses the metaphor of Babylon, which is a biblical symbol of corruption and decadence, to describe the state of the world. He also implies that the system is collapsing and that people are living in fear and despair.

The production and the sound

The original version of S.O.S Mundo has a very distinctive and impressive sound, thanks to Allen Halloween's production skills. He uses a variety of samples, instruments, and effects to create a rich and diverse musical landscape that matches the mood and the theme of the song. He also mixes different genres and influences, such as rap, rock, reggae, and electronic music, to create a unique and original style.

For example, he samples the guitar riff from Metallica's "Enter Sandman" for the intro and the outro of the song, which gives it a heavy and ominous tone. He also samples the chorus from Bob Marley's "War" for the hook of the song, which adds a reggae flavor and a contrast between the peaceful and hopeful message of Marley and the dark and pessimistic message of Halloween. He also uses a synthesizer to create a futuristic and eerie sound that complements his rap vocals. He also adds some sound effects, such as sirens, gunshots, explosions, and screams, to create a sense of realism and urgency.

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The reception and the impact

The original version of S.O.S Mundo was very well received by both critics and fans, who praised Allen Halloween's lyrical skills, production skills, and originality. The song was also very influential in the Portuguese hip-hop scene, as it inspired many other rappers to adopt a more conscious and critical approach to their music. The song also gained international recognition, as it was featured in several compilations and playlists of global hip-hop music.

For instance, S.O.S Mundo was included in the album Rap Global (2008), which was a collection of rap songs from different countries that addressed social issues. The song was also featured in the Spotify playlist Rap Conscious (2019), which was curated by Spotify Brazil to showcase rap songs that had a positive and meaningful message. The song also received positive reviews from various online publications, such as Rap Noticias (Rap News), Hip Hop Tuga (Portuguese Hip Hop), and Rap 24 Horas (Rap 24 Hours) .

The remastered version of S.O.S Mundo

The changes and the improvements

The remastered version of S.O.S Mundo has some noticeable changes and improvements compared to the original version. Allen Halloween worked with Maradox Primeiro to enhance the sound quality and clarity of the song, using advanced technology and equipment. He also made some minor adjustments to the vocals and the instrumentals to make them more harmonious and balanced.

For example, he re-recorded some parts of his rap vocals to make them more crisp and audible. He also added some background vocals to create more depth and variation. He also tweaked some levels and frequencies of the samples and the instruments to make them more smooth and consistent. He also removed some unnecessary noise and distortion that were present in the original version.

The comparison and the contrast

The remastered version of S.O.S Mundo is very similar to the original version in terms of the lyrics and the message, as Allen Halloween did not alter or modify them significantly. He kept the same structure, content, and tone of the song, as he wanted to preserve its original essence and meaning. He also maintained the same style and genre of the song, as he did not change the samples, the instruments, or the effects that he used.

However, the remastered version of S.O.S Mundo is also different from the or


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