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HD Online Player (Body Heat 2010 Hollywood Movie 18)

ask a dozen teen-aged role-playing gamers and the results are varied. one of them, a twenty-something woman named susie, says she loves the experience of playing an elf who's just a little bit scared of the dark. another, a twenty-something man named matt, loves the vision of the world his character inhabits, where a wizard, a lady knight and an elf walk the countryside greeting travelers and lording over jolly christmas parties. ultimately, you want to be their friend.

HD Online Player (Body Heat 2010 Hollywood Movie 18)

for all its visual panache, the video game silent hill -- an eerie, deep-red, claustrophobic town where the protagonist must navigate mazes of black staircases and underground caverns -- may not be as frightening as you expect.

the sims and its many sequels (there's still more to come, by the way, from the sims 3 on down) become a virtual house, a metaphor for anybody's life, or at least that of the average american family. the sims, which originally sold for $60 in 2000, makes you imagine yourself with the power to change the color of any wall, carpet, window, door, or piece of furniture in your home, no matter what age or sex, as long as you have the money and the patience to create, say, a firetruck.

world of warcraft, on the other hand, imagines itself as a massively multiplayer role-playing fantasy game in which players level up, gain strength, and beat back the forces of evil in the name of a champion of their choice.

these two games offer a totally different view of our civilization. the sims-with its lack of hard limits and one-way "menu" button-is a blank slate for the user to mold into a house, a city, a family. world of warcraft-with its emphasis on the questing, skill-based experience of fantasy-is a universe that is layered with so much extra content that its achievement is almost too overwhelming. but therein may lie its genius; it is both a videogame and a role-playing game, an rpg and a role-playing game, an rpg and an rpg.


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