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Aston 2.0.4 Crack

Aston 2.0.4: A Windows Desktop Enhancement Tool

Aston is a software application that allows users to customize and enhance their Windows desktop environment. It replaces the default Windows shell with a new one that offers various features and options, such as widgets, toolbars, skins, wallpapers, sound effects, and more. Aston is designed to be fast, stable, and easy to use, while also providing a high level of personalization and creativity.


Features of Aston 2.0.4

Aston 2.0.4 is the latest version of the program, released in June 2016. It has the following features:

  • Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

  • Over 30 themes and hundreds of skins to choose from.

  • Live wallpapers and animated skins.

  • Color labels for desktop icons.

  • Hotkey manager and events manager.

  • Multi-language support and Unicode compatibility.

  • Low system requirements and resource consumption.

How to Download and Install Aston 2.0.4

Aston 2.0.4 is available for download from the official website of the developer, Gladiators Software. The file size is about 15.6 MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward. Users can choose to install Aston as a full replacement for the Windows shell or as an alternative shell that can be switched on and off at any time. Users can also select the components they want to install, such as widgets, toolbars, plugins, etc.

Aston 2.0.4 is a trial version that can be used for free for 30 days. After that, users need to purchase a license for $29.95 to continue using the program. Users can also download additional themes and skins from the developer's website or from other sources on the internet.

How to Use Aston 2.0.4

Once installed, Aston will automatically change the appearance and functionality of the Windows desktop. Users can access the Aston settings by right-clicking on any empty area of the desktop and selecting "Aston Settings". From there, users can customize various aspects of Aston, such as theme, skin, wallpaper, widgets, toolbars, icons, sounds, etc.

Users can also create their own themes and skins using the built-in Theme Editor and Skin Editor. These tools allow users to modify every element of the Aston interface, such as colors, fonts, images, animations, transparency, etc. Users can also share their creations with other Aston users online.

Pros and Cons of Aston 2.0.4

Aston 2.0.4 has many advantages and disadvantages that users should consider before using it. Here are some of them:


It offers a high level of customization and personalization for the Windows desktop.It may not be compatible with some Windows features or applications.

It has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools.It may require some time and effort to set up and configure.

It has a low impact on system performance and stability.It may cause some errors or glitches in some cases.

It has a large and active community of users and developers.It is not free and requires a license after the trial period expires.


Aston 2.0.4 is a powerful and versatile software application that can transform the Windows desktop into a more attractive and functional environment. It offers a wide range of features and options that can suit different tastes and needs of users. However, it also has some drawbacks and limitations that users should be aware of before using it. Users who are interested in trying out Aston 2.0.4 can download it from the developer's website or from other sources on the internet.


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