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Sheekada Ayaan Daran Pdf 157

Sheekada Ayaan Daran: A Somali Novel by Cabdullaahi Sh. Xuseen

Sheekada Ayaan Daran (The Story of Ayaan Daran) is a Somali novel written by Dr. Cabdullaahi Sh. Xuseen, also known as Hantiwadaag, in 1983. It is the third volume of his Taxanaha Xiddigta (The Star Series), which consists of six novels that depict the social and political realities of Somalia in the 1970s and 1980s.


The novel tells the story of Ayaan Daran, a young girl who gets pregnant and struggles to complete her schooling in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. She faces many challenges and hardships, such as poverty, discrimination, violence, and corruption, as she tries to pursue her dreams and aspirations. She also encounters various characters who represent different aspects of Somali society, such as traditional elders, religious leaders, politicians, intellectuals, and activists.

The novel is considered one of the most popular and influential works of Somali literature, as it portrays the issues and conflicts that affected the Somali people during a turbulent period of their history. It also explores the themes of identity, culture, gender, education, and social justice, with a realistic and critical perspective. The novel has been translated into several languages, such as English, Arabic, Italian, and Swedish.

The novel is available in PDF format online at [ArcAdiA Archivio Aperto di Ateneo], a digital repository of the Roma Tre University in Italy. The PDF file contains 172 pages and can be downloaded for free. The file name is "Ayaan daran (qiso dhab ah) 3.pdf" and the keyword "sheekada ayaan daran pdf 157" can be used to search for it on the website.

If you are interested in reading more about the novel and its author, you can also check out the following sources:

  • [Ayaan daran: (qiso dhab ah) - Cabdullaahi Sh. Xuseen - Google Books], where you can find a brief summary and some information about the book.

  • [Ayaan daran by Abdilahi Sh.Hussien Goodreads], where you can read some reviews and ratings from other readers who have read the book.

I hope you enjoy reading this novel and learning more about Somali literature and culture.


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