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Avtomobil nömrələri - sifariş et, sərfəli qiymətə al

What are autonet nomreler and why are they important?

If you own a car in Azerbaijan, you need to have a valid registration plate, also known as autonet nomre. Autonet nomre is not only a legal requirement, but also a way of identifying your vehicle, expressing your personality, and enhancing your status. In this article, we will explore what autonet nomre are, how they work, what benefits they offer, what alternatives they have, and what future they hold.

autonet nomreler


The history and evolution of autonet nomre

Autonet nomre have a long and rich history in Azerbaijan. They date back to the early 20th century, when the first cars appeared in the country. At that time, the plates were made of metal or wood, and had only numbers. They were issued by the local authorities or the police, and were not standardized or regulated.

Over the years, as the number of cars increased, the plates underwent several changes in format, design, color, and material. They also reflected the political and historical changes in the country, such as the Soviet occupation, the independence movement, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and the oil boom.

The current format and design of autonet nomre were introduced in 2004, as part of a nationwide reform to modernize and harmonize the car registration system. They are based on the European model, with some distinctive features.

The current format and design of autonet nomre

The current format of autonet nomre consists of two letters, three digits, two letters, a dash, and a two-digit code. For example: AB 123 CD - 01. The letters are from the Latin alphabet, while the digits are Arabic numerals. The dash separates the plate number from the regional code.

The design of autonet nomre is simple and elegant. They have a white background with black characters. They also have a blue strip on the left side, with the European Union symbol (12 yellow stars) and the country code (AZ). They are made of plastic or aluminum, and have reflective coating for better visibility.

The meaning and symbolism of the letters and numbers

The letters and numbers on autonet nomre have different meanings and symbolism. The first letter indicates the type of vehicle (e.g., A for passenger cars, B for buses, C for trucks). The second letter is randomly assigned by the computer system. The three digits are also randomly assigned by the computer system.

The fourth letter indicates the year of registration (e.g., A for 2004, B for 2005). The fifth letter is randomly assigned by the computer system. The dash separates the plate number from the regional code. The regional code indicates the administrative division where the vehicle is registered (e.g., 01 for Baku city). qeydiyyat nişanları

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The special categories and types of autonet nomreler

Autonet nomreler are not only functional, but also customizable and personalizable. Customers can choose from different options and features to make their plates unique and expressive.

The popularity and demand of autonet nomreler

Autonet nomreler are very popular and in high demand in Azerbaijan. According to the official statistics, there were more than 1.6 million registered vehicles in the country as of 2020. Many drivers prefer to have autonet nomreler because they are easier to obtain, more secure, and more prestigious than the old plates. Autonet nomreler also have a resale value, as some combinations are considered rare or lucky and can fetch high prices on the market.

The customization and personalization of autonet nomreler

Customers can customize and personalize their autonet nomreler in various ways. They can choose the color of the plate, the font of the letters and numbers, the size and shape of the plate, and the design of the blue strip. They can also add logos, symbols, or images to their plates, such as flags, emblems, or portraits. Some customers even create their own words or phrases with the letters and numbers, such as AZERI, BAKU, or LOVE. The customization and personalization options are available on the website, where customers can also order and pay for their plates online.

The alternatives and competitors of autonet nomreler

Autonet nomreler are not the only option for car registration in Azerbaijan. There are other methods and platforms that offer similar or different services.

The other methods and options of registering and buying car plates

One alternative to autonet nomreler is to use the old format of car plates, which are still valid and in circulation. These plates have a white background with black characters, but no blue strip or regional code. They have a different format of two letters, four digits, and two letters. For example: AB 1234 CD. These plates are issued by the State Traffic Police Department, which requires customers to visit their offices, fill out forms, pay fees, and wait for several days or weeks to receive their plates.

The pros and cons of using the old format of car plates

The pros of using the old format of car plates are:

  • They are cheaper than autonet nomreler, as they cost only 10 manats (about $6) per plate.

  • They are more familiar to some drivers who have used them for a long time.

  • They have a nostalgic value for some drivers who associate them with the history and culture of Azerbaijan.

The cons of using the old format of car plates are:

  • They are harder to obtain than autonet nomreler, as they involve more bureaucracy and hassle.

  • They are less secure than autonet nomreler, as they are easier to forge or tamper with.

  • They are less prestigious than autonet nomreler, as they are seen as outdated or ordinary by some drivers.

The pros and cons of using other online platforms or agencies

Another alternative to autonet nomreler is to use other online platforms or agencies that offer car registration services. These platforms or agencies may have different features, prices, or quality standards than For example, some platforms may offer discounts, delivery options, or customer support. Some agencies may have connections with the authorities, dealers, or sellers.

The pros of using other online platforms or agencies are:

  • They may provide more choices or convenience than, depending on the customer's preferences or needs.

  • They may offer better deals or bargains than, depending on the market conditions or competition.

  • They may have more experience or expertise than, depending on their reputation or credentials.

The cons of using other online platforms or agencies are:

  • They may be less reliable or trustworthy than, depending on their legitimacy or quality control.

  • They may charge higher fees or commissions than, depending on their business model or profit margin.

  • They may have less customer satisfaction or loyalty than, depending on their service level or feedback mechanism.

The future trends and developments of autonet nomreler

Autonet nomreler are not static or stagnant. They are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs and preferences of the customers and the society. They also face new challenges and opportunities in the dynamic and competitive market.

The potential changes and improvements of autonet nomreler

Some of the potential changes and improvements of autonet nomreler are:

  • The introduction of new formats or designs, such as square plates, holographic plates, or digital plates.

  • The expansion of the customization and personalization options, such as more colors, fonts, shapes, logos, symbols, or images.

  • The integration of new technologies or features, such as RFID chips, GPS trackers, QR codes, or biometric scanners.

The challenges and opport


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